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 How to make a fake virus!

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PostSubject: How to make a fake virus!   Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:54 pm

1.Open notepad
2.type:@echo off
title Anti-Virus!
color 04
echo a virus has been detected!
echo This is true..
echo pres enter to scan!
msg * Scan starting
msg * 1
msg * 24
msg * 46
msg * 79
msg * 82
msg * 94
msg * 100
msg * 5442 Trojans detected!
echo We are sorry but we need to shutdown!
msg * Virus
msg * Virus
shutdown -s -t 150 -c "Virus Virus Virus Virus Virus!"
3.Save as..:fake virus.bat
4.You can test the fake virus Very Happy
5.It's shutdown you'r pc..

lol! lol! lol!
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How to make a fake virus!
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